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AUDIO ADVISOR G R EA T D EA L S , G R E A T S ER V I CE & E X P ER T A U D I O A D V I CE Established 1981 Limited Time – Free Shipping On Orders Over $99.99 Last Chance Savings On Cambridge Audio 650 CD Player, Integrated Amp & Tuner – Pages 3, 44 & 54 Clearaudio Ovation Wood Turntable with Clarify ’Arm, Page 71 Magnum Dynalab FM Tuners with Tube Output, Page 45 Seven Compact Audiophile Loudspeakers to Lust After, Pages 84-85 Salamander Elba Chameleon-Series A/V Furniture, Pages 78-79 Pangea Audio High-Performance Upgrade Power Supply for DACs & More! Page 50 Award-Winning Parasound Halo Gear JC 2 Preamplifier, Pa ge 9 • A 21 Amplifier, Page 31

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