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AUDIO ADVISOR G R EA T D EA L S , G R E A T S ER V I CE & E X P ER T A U D I O A D V I CE E s tablished 19 81 FREE SHIPPING Introducing: Monitor Audio Silver R X Speaker s, Page 4 4 Top-of-the-Heap: Br ys ton’s Awesome 1,000-Wat t Mono Amps, Page 83 Rega RP1 Turntable with “Performance Pack” Upgrade, Page 5 Now Shipping: Cambridge Audio NP30 Digital Music Streamer, Page 17 Peachtree Audio’s New iDac with Built-in iPod/ iPhone Dock, Page 16 69 der man ! See Page a l a ck A S Win leon Ra me Ch a PS Audio Power Plant Trade-In/ Trade-Up Offer, Pages 88 & 89 “ S p e a ke r o f a L i f e t im e” Thiel C S 3.7, Page 4 5.

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