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GR E A T DE A L S , G R E A T SERVI CE & E X PER T A U D I O A D VI CE Established 19 81 FREE SHIPPING Two Fabulous New High-Powered Subs from PSB & Mar tinLogan, Page 49 New Salamander Chameleon “Venice” AV Cabinets, Pages 78-79 Tube Gear from Manley Labs: Jumbo Shrimp Preamp & Two Amps, Pages 38-39 Clearaudio Concept Turntable Package – Under $1,500, Page 25 Magnum Dynalab Tube & Solid State FM Tuners, Page 66 New Cambridge Audio iD-100 iPod/iPhone/ iPad Digital Music Dock, Page 16 AUDIO ADVISOR State of the Art: Bryston’s New BDP-1 Hi-Def Digital Music Streamer, Page 17

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